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Better start saving for that pony Daddy

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We seem to have this parenting business all figured out.

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The darndest things...

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Me: See look, your baby sister isn't in my tummy anymore.
(I lift up my top to show him my tummy)
Elliot: There another one in there?


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A few people told me how much Elliot would appear more grown up overnight once we had a new tiny one. He seems to have taken up a keen interest in geology...

Introducing Frida Ailwyn Neish

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May 1st 2013, 2.04am
3.5kg (7lb, 11oz)

Our lovely baby girl was born early on Wednesday morning after an amazingly straightforward labour. The builders left on Monday, then the cleaners finished up on Tuesday at 6.15pm, the midwife arrived at 7pm and Frida was born early on Wednesday morning at the hospital. No drugs! (Although I was requesting ALL the drugs... Quite loudly too!) it was quick enough not to need them in the end.
We were back home by 4am, cosy in our own bed and Elliot met his sister later that morning.
I'll write a longer post about it this week once the dust has settled, right now we are all just enjoying getting to know our little princess and catching up on some sleep.

Pool party!

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No running, diving or bombing. Plenty of mooing!