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The smug files: James May

~ ~
James May has out-smugged Jamie Oliver with this billboard.

April 22 - 25: Easter Anglia

~ ~
Seeing as we couldn't visit the marvels of Tokyo over easter, we thought we should give ourselves a local holiday to Exotic East Anglia. We packed up Jolene and took Elliot on his first camping trip to Cromer (which is famous for crabs. No, not that sort). Then we stopped off in Norwich to see The Howeses in their fancy new home.

Watch out for crabs
Happy camper
"Hey look at these cool blocks Elliot",
"Yeah, whatever Mum that BBQ looks way more fun"
The local fish n chip shop was twee central
Happiness is battered and fried
There comes a time in every boy's life when he makes an important discovery.
"Look what I found!"
Bess and Ruth in their new digs

Look no hands!
Elliot and James lord it up on a golden cushion

Everybody loves a bit of Willy

~ ~
Dee, Margherita and I have jumped on the big golden horse drawn band wagon and produced this beautiful commemorative tea towel just in time for the Royal Wedding. Yours for just £10.

Dad skills: Being generally disgusting

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April 16th: Slingmeet

~ ~
Meet South London's newest indie dadband 'Slingmeet'. Not to be confused with 'Sling Meat' which is a whole other thing.

Getting into art ...literally

~ ~
Elliot experiences an art installation at Aunty Marghe's exhibition

Baby skills: Waving

~ ~
Mental note: must remember to occasionally talk like a normal person on videos

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo...

~ ~
The NCT mums head off for one last mid-week outing before the end of maternity leave plucks us off one by one. We chose to head to the zoo. Highlights included a monkey jumping into Sofia's pram, a baby Gorilla who was about the same age as our babies and of course, the bearded pig.

Parking it with the Lovely Lavor-Vestrinis

~ ~

Ralph's impression of a dead mouse...with sword

Happy Birthday Will!

~ ~
We're gonna need a bigger bag

April 14th: Notokyo

~ ~

Today we were meant to fly to Tokyo to see Will and Mai but with great sadness and regret we had to cancel our trip. It's a real shame. Next time Godzilla, next time.


~ ~
After 7 months of all of us being in one bedroom it's time to move out ...except seeing as we live in a one bedroom flat it means we're moving into the lounge room so Elliot can have his own space. It works quite well but having the TV in front of the bed means it's sometimes hard to drag yourself out.
Spot the Dad

March 26th: Australia Day (...I know, I know)

~ ~

Yes, yes, I know, this is not actually Australia Day but we had to postpone it because someone went and got ill on the actual Australia Day so here it is two months later.

The menu included:
Hand-made party pies
Prawn and avocado salad
Fairy bread
Crocodile tails
Cherry Ripes
Pizza Shapes
and of course ...Pavlova!

Elliot was very very lucky to have a cockatoo costume made for him. Which he clearly loved.

The smug files: Jamie

~ ~
Can Jamie Oliver get any more smug?

7 months

~ ~
 Weight: 9.4kg (almost half a kilo bigger than last month)
Length: 68cm
Favourite things: Ripping up magazines, eating them, storing bits in my mouth so my tongue goes blue, drooling on phones
New additions: Two bottom teeth!
Favourite TV show: Yo Gabba Gabba
Talents: Eating solid foods, using a spoon, sleeping in my new bedroom on my own ...almost crawling

Adventures in Parenting: Time management

~ ~

Wow! Ok, it's been a while, and I'm sorry.
Parenting has stepped up a notch since Elliot learned to crawl. My general state of fatigue means I have a constant interior monologue by Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs, "I can't help but think that Emma has underestimated how long this will take" etc.  Most of my time is spent scrounging about under the high chair like a pigeon or rearranging high risk household objects. "She seems to have overlooked the capacity for disaster when placing the baby next to the laptop in the lounge room."

So tonight I might just prove Kevin wrong and get the blog done. Tom's away in Amsterdam on a stag do, Elliot's asleep and Eurovision's on the telly so I'll give it a shot. I know it's bad form to backdate a blog but watchagonnado?

And then there were three

~ ~

On the way home from Australia we stopped in Singapore to see Penny and Chris and meet Tom who had been working in Vietnam. We were unsure how Elliot would react when seeing Tom, whether he would recognise him or not after not seeing him for 6 weeks

The lift doors opened and Tom appeared with a big 'Taad-daaa' pose. Elliot jumped a little from fright then we had a cuddle and he lay his head on Tom's chest and looked up at him with a big smile then closed his eyes in bliss. It was the loveliest thing I have ever witnessed. Together again.

Also... Penny and Chris now have a little one of their own, still unamed although his surname is Khan so my votes are for Ghengis or Shucker.

March 17th: Bono Baby says "Happy St Patrick's Day Eejits!"

~ ~

N.B. 'Bono Baby' may also be sold as 'Damien Hirst Baby', diamond skull not included.

Sydney I love you

~ ~
...and this is why....

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Stone

~ ~
While in Oz we went to the nuptials of Lel and Al at Peppers in Bowral. It was a classy, polished affair and the bride was truly radiant. Elliot must have missed the memo about baby guests going to sleep on time because he wanted to party all night so my magenta dress was accessorised by a yellow Bugaboo.

I designed all the wedding stationery, some pics below, as well as some of the amazing professional photos by Cavanagh Photograph.

'I've been captured by the Spice Girls! Gimme a beer!'