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Adventures in Parenting: Time management

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Wow! Ok, it's been a while, and I'm sorry.
Parenting has stepped up a notch since Elliot learned to crawl. My general state of fatigue means I have a constant interior monologue by Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs, "I can't help but think that Emma has underestimated how long this will take" etc.  Most of my time is spent scrounging about under the high chair like a pigeon or rearranging high risk household objects. "She seems to have overlooked the capacity for disaster when placing the baby next to the laptop in the lounge room."

So tonight I might just prove Kevin wrong and get the blog done. Tom's away in Amsterdam on a stag do, Elliot's asleep and Eurovision's on the telly so I'll give it a shot. I know it's bad form to backdate a blog but watchagonnado?


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