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March 26th: Australia Day (...I know, I know)

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Yes, yes, I know, this is not actually Australia Day but we had to postpone it because someone went and got ill on the actual Australia Day so here it is two months later.

The menu included:
Hand-made party pies
Prawn and avocado salad
Fairy bread
Crocodile tails
Cherry Ripes
Pizza Shapes
and of course ...Pavlova!

Elliot was very very lucky to have a cockatoo costume made for him. Which he clearly loved.


Nick W said...

What's the secret password for watching the cockatoo video? When I clicked on it, it told me the video was private....

Emma said...

Hmmm, I dunno, I'll see if I can unprivate it.

Shanna said...

Yeah that didn't work....C'mon!!!

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