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Aug 17 - D-Day!!!

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Giant belly and pretty pink toes
40 weeks today! Here we are and not a rumble. In true Schneish style Yoshimi will be fashionably late.

We received lots of lovely messages from friends wishing us luck for today. Come on Yoshimi! everyone wants to see you! I feel like we're watching a kettle boil with an audience watching us.

I'm trying to relax now and forget about all the things I thought I would have done by now...like sewing a poignant and beautiful heirloom quilt for my unborn child and playing it Mozart so it develops an ear for sensitive music in the womb, becoming a famous illustrator, owning some property, learning how to cook etc. ...etc ...etc. I just want to get it out now! I'm so huge!

I had a reflexology massage this afternoon to try to get things moving, not sure if it did anything for Yoshimi, but it made me feel great and I got a pedicure too! The reflexologist from Return to Glory came to our house, it was awesome. After treating me she was off to Amy Winehouse's place to sort her out. I wished her luck with that one.


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