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Aug 19

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We watched 'Look Who's Talking' last night (don't do it, it's not as good as you remember) and I realised that everything I know about the human reproductive system is based on seeing the opening credits of this movie as a child. The Beach Boys soundtrack and Bruce Willis' voice over really add to the scientific accuracy ...or in our case some Benny Hill music a voice over by Moss from The I.T Crowd.
See it here on YouTube

Still no Yoshimi, but I took some advice from Jess and tried the Van Halen method. Evidence below...


Anonymous said...

I am exhausted just watching you do this...and as for your post yesterday, there's no such thing as too much milo!! :) xxRoo

Anonymous said...

you are too awesome. love it. just showed my nieces my rock eisteddfod video, you guys were on next so i was explaining about the amazing sets and blah blah blah and then i spotted you!! little em! about to be a MUUUUUUUUUUM.
guess who xoxo

Cass said...

Bahaha! You're amazing! I'm also digging the incredible Michael Bay style swooping camera work! xx

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