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Aug 23 - Mum skills

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Will is moving to Japan so I thought I'd make him a traditional Japanese cake. Victoria sponge with strawberry jam and Hello Kitty stylings. Yoshimi has just over 24hrs to appear otherwise Uncle Will won't meet him/her for a whole year! I feel like something might be happening but I might need some help. Does anyone have any connections with Icelandic volcanoes?

This is the Hummingbird Bakery cream cheese icing recipe, it makes a basic sponge cake taste fancy innit....

Cream Cheese Frosting 
300g icing sugar, sifted
50g unsalted butter, at room temperature
125g Philadelphia cream cheese, cold

Beat the icing sugar and butter together with an electric mixer on medium-slow speed until the mixture comes together and is well mixed (if it doesn't come together add some more melty butter). Add the cold cream cheese in one go and beat until it is completely incorporated. Turn the mixer up to medium-high speed.

Continue beating until the frosting is light and fluffy, at least 5 minutes. Do not overbeat, as it can quickly become runny. When the cake is completely cold, spoon the cream cheese frosting between the layers and around the whole cake... and eat the rest with a spoon in your pyjamas.


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