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Aug 25 - Progress!

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The yuppy has landed! Our brand new bright yellow Bugaboo Bee arrived yesterday (Thanks Pearl and Rob!!) just in time for the action to start....

I started having mild contractions at about 3am, by 4am they were coming every 10 minutes and I turned to Tom and said, "This is really going to hurt isn't it?" he just looked back at me with a weird scared look on his face.

I've built a nest for myself in the lounge room, kind of like when the cat drags your favourite jumper under the house to have kittens on, and we've been camping out here watching bad TV... Jedward Let Loose was a real highlight. We've got a contraction timer app on the iphone which sounds absurd, but it's so good! I just press a button when it starts and stops and they are all logged in. 102 in total so far!

The nest
This morning we went to the hospital (Thanks to Bella's Minicab Service. You rock!!) to get Yoshimi monitored because we thought nothing had really progressed and Yoshimi might have moved into a weird position, but it's all fine. In fact the midwife said it's all coming along well and she expects to see us back there later today for the finale!! She also gave me some paracetamol and a mysterious white pill. Whatever it is, it's AWESOME! I'm feeling very zen.

Hooray for painkillers
The Houses of Parliament in the background
I must say though, I was little disappointed that Samantha Cameron had her baby in Cornwall yesterday instead of at St Thomas'. It would have been nice to be greeted by the paps at the hospital this morning as I waddled in in my mismatched pyjamas.

More updates soon!... although Tom might be doing the typing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates, Clem is pestering me every hour to check to see if the little one has popped out! I hope it all goes well and just to let you know we are thinking of you both (and three very soon!) over here in Italy! ciao love the Larvor-Vestrini Clan xxx

Camillewalala said...

good luck mademoiselle xxxx

Aletha said...

Yoshimi is coming! I can't believe it. Can't wait for further updates... xxooxxoooxxoo

Cass said...

Eeep! I'm sooo excited! I can't wait to meet/see this awesome lil person!!

You're gonna ace this, Em!!


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