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Elliot George Brixton Neish

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Born at 6am on the 27th August 2010, weighing in at an impressive 8lb 10oz, little Elliot George Brixton Neish has come into the world after a marathon  36 hour birth. Incredibly proud mother is doing well (if a bit delerious).

Thanks to everyone for their kind messages before and during they helped get us through it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both and well done Emma on what sounds like an exhausting birth! At least you have beautiful Elliot as your prize. We look forward to meeting him.

Emiliano, Sarah and Sofia x

artymark said...

great name. love it!

Shanna said...

Sooooo happy for you all!!! Congrats guys - this is bloody fantastic! Em, you're amazing & he is beautiful!
xxxxxx Shanna

Anonymous said...

Hehehe best name ever! So awesome xxx jess

Anonymous said...

Well done and loved the updates. Look forward to meeting the little fella (and expect him to be twittering by 6 months).

Love Claire & Barn

Jez said...

HUGE CONGRATS guys from Libby, Jez and Joseph. Lovin the middle name, persuaded Libby to let me add another one too in honour of the Battle of Britain fly-past during her labour.

Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

p.s. very cute pics.

Aletha said...

You clever, clever Schneishes. Much love from my mum and me (just showed her the pics) xxoo

Anonymous said...

Mel, Pete and Dan,

Just wonderful, welcome to a wonderful and challenging world Elliot, well done Tom for all the wonderful commentary, and Em your a tired star I'm sure.

This is the first birth conveyed by blog and facebook (for us). What an age to be born to!

Love and rest.

Us folks

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all three of you. Elliot's a cutie for sure. Clearly that's Emma's doing ;)

Hope to see you guys soon

Ky, Alex & Aurelia

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