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Elliot's first tube ride

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Being a new person means you can celebrate just about anything as 'the first time'. The first time on the bus, the first time in the bath, the first time being in the same room as someone eating gazpatcho etc. Today Elliot went on the tube for the first time.

We've been on the bus a few times now. It's amazing how quickly you can go from being the most respected person on public transport to the most hated. I'm quickly learning London pram etiquette, basically the biggest pram has the right of way. If your pram's not big enough, bulk it up with some shopping bags and other crap, maybe even a second toddler hanging off the back. I've already had one run in with a mum who had a pushchair that looked capable of launching her baby into space.

Here are some pics from our first trip on the tube. The one on the escalator is terrifying! It reminds me of this.


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