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How to hypnotise your baby

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We're all very excited about the arrival of Grandblods to Schneish Towers, especially Elliot. He treated us to some expert grizzling most of the way home in the taxi until Tom used the iPhone to find this on YouTube.

It's some sort of magic baby hypnotism and it works a treat. Apparently expanding pink triangles are way more interesting than your mum and dad doing a mexican ventriloquist act with a stripey elephant toy called Juan. Everyone's a critic. Imagine what people would have done in the olden days before iPhones! Maybe kids had more respect for ventriloquism back then.


Jez said...

Thanks for posting guys, used it to great effect thismorning when Jospeh went feral and mamma was trying to sleep, also used this one to good effect and it also amused me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzM22snwFtk.


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