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One Arrival & One Departure

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This week has been a sombre one with the passing of my grandad Jack Bickle. He passed away on Wednesday at a ripe old age of 92. He was a child in the 20s, lived through the great depression in the 30s and fought the war in the 40s. In the 50s he was one of the head civil engineers who built Canberra ...we were all impressed by the convenient break in the median strip outside his house which meant he was just about the only person in Our Nation's Capital who could turn right into their own driveway.

He always made friends with animals and would regularly have conversations with magpies and kookaburras. One of my fondest memories is being taken to the golf club in Canberra with him to see the local kangaroos. He would talk about them all as if he knew them personally ...maybe he did.

True to his spirit he was stubborn and stoic until the end. Although he never got to meet Elliot in person, he knew him through pictures and in his last few weeks he was a very proud great-grandad.

It's funny to think what the world must have been like back when Grandad was a tiny baby and it's hard to imagine what it will be like when Elliot is a great-grandad. Tom's pretty sure everyone will either be under water or fighting the robots.

John 'Jack' Alexander Cecil Bickle 
December 13th, 1918 - September 15th, 2010


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