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A happy birthday afternoon

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After an eventful morning Elliot, Dadblods and myself went to Hyde Park and The Orangery at Lady Di's old place for high tea. Ooh la la! I think it's the best high tea I've had ...and I consider myself a cake (eating) expert but I've just found this Time Out list so I'll try them all and give you a definite winner. The orange scented scones were exceptional. I'm going to try to figure out how to make them. We couldn't finish all the cakes so we took one home for Tom and discovered that a dummy case makes an excellent tart protector.

We also saw some swans, a UFO and some shiny new Anish Kapoor art.

Tom took me out to dinner at Zucca (highly recommended), it was our first evening out without the lad. Grandblods stayed at home to look after him after receiving a half hour briefing from Tom about situations that may arise ranging from Elliot waking up to Elliot becoming a skilled arsonist.

All through dinner all we could talk about was the little'un and how weird we felt without him. I didn't even have dessert! Unprecedented! We returned home to find Grandblods looking a little disappointed. He hadn't had the chance to act on anything he'd learned in the briefing because Elliot slept the whole time.
Cucumber sandwiches daaarlink!
Mmm, I smell cake.
Tart protector
Shiny arty people
The UFO as it landed in the pond outside Di's place


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