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Who said sexism is dead?

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We all know Elliot is hot property and he seems to be getting reputation as a little player with our potential future daughters-in-law. First he promised himself to little Jessica who has an impressive dowry of a whole set of Tin Tin books (in the original French no less) then he's announcing on facebook that he's off to meet his new girlfriend Nia who came down from Manchester to check him out. His Australian girlfriend Phoebe is less than impressed, Jessica has moved on and we're not sure if his Canadian girlfriend Mia has heard about his antics yet. Good thing his latest love interest Gabriela was literally born yesterday so she's none the wiser.

Please forward on any new requests to date Elliot and include the little lady's ...hey let's be modern... or little man's interests and potential inheritance. So far you're up against the Tin Tin books, a shed full of fixies and a chain of pet stores.
Elliot and Nia playing it cool
Cath and Tom cramping Elliot's dating style. How embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not too late on this one... Canadian Mia is soooper keen, particularly given Elliot's bogan look! That is super special.
Mia's dowry consists of a box of BBQ shapes, one large caramello koala and a packet of red frogs... oh, and a Canadian passport. Sold?
xx Sal

Emma said...

Ooh that's a good dowry! Especailly the rare large caramello koala. Nice touch.

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