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Grandblods' Grand Tour 2010

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 Poor old Grandblods is back in Lilli Pilli nursing some sore bronchi (that's where you get bronchitis) after his whirlwind tour of London and beyond. We can now go back to our usual consumption levels of Polish lager, sugar and rum. His tendency to call anyone with a slightly Russian accent a 'meerkat' may have stuck though. (See comparethemeerkat.com).

We caught up with our cousin Emily who lives near Andover in Upper Clatford, Hampshire where we met some old dead rellies, Elliot's great great great grandfather Alfred Child and his great great great great grandfather Thomas Child are buried in the church yard there because they were both the church vicars. It was quite spooky walking around the graveyard thinking of our family back in Victorian times, probably all wearing lacy bonnets and fob watches and having people call them "m' lady" and such.

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On the village high street there was this red postbox set into a wall. You can tell how old a Royal Mail postbox is by the royal crest on it. Most of them have ER on them, occasionally you might see a GR but this one was a VR so it had been there since Queen Vic and the old rellies. I put my hand in it just for fun. Imagine the letters the rellies sent through that box...

"Dearest Thomas,  I fear this winter may be my last as the frost has set into my bronchi. With a spot of luck Edward shot a jolly great pheasant this morning. I shall have the between maid make up a broth which should spare me another day..."

On the way back we spotted some breaking local news...
Breaking News in Andover
Other highlights of Grandblods trip include...

- A boat ride through Little Venice in North London to Camden Lock - This has made its way onto the list of Quaint Things To Do When Entertaining Foreigners in London. I had no idea London had so many canals let alone barges full of drunk looking women and men dressed like circus folk.

- An evening out to see The Railway Children performed at Waterloo Station with a real steam train! (Turn the sound down if you click that link or your colleagues will think you've become a train spotter) Yes... a real steam train live on stage! It was pretty impressive and made up for the overacting adults playing children... which is always an awkward leap of imagination in the flesh.

-  Grandblod's revelation that the hanky is extinct...

Grandblods: Here's a tip, if you don't have time to iron your handkerchiefs you can lay them on a mirror to dry then peel them off." 

Me: "You iron your hankies?" 

Grandblods: "Don't you?" 

Me: "I don't know anyone who uses hankies" 

Grandblods: "What?!!"

We miss you Grandblods!

Grandblods always shops at Louis Vuitton

Grandblods finds a shop on Brick Lane as bright as his shirt

Shoreditch record cat

Grandblods is the same height as Hitler and Margaret Thatcher... great company!


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