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Oh the horror!

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Elliot has a new skill, rolling over! He did it for the first time today. Instead of doing it the way we had practiced on the playmat or the bed he used his famous comic timing to great effect and chose the moment I got up to make a cup of tea to flip himself over off the couch and onto the floor on his head!

He seems fine after about 10 min of crying and some boobie. I think I was more upset than him. Our cleaner was here and she calmed me down. She told me her son fell on his head when he was 5 days old and now he's over six feet tall, very handsome and goes to university... at least I think that's what she meant. If I spoke Bulgarian I'd have the full story.

He hasn't been able to roll over at all up until now and he was fast asleep. He must have woken up and flipped over in the time it took me to walk to the kitchen! Good thing he's got his dad's nice thick skull. I feel like such an idiot!

Tom's response: "So are we even now for the time I dropped your laptop?"

Elliot seems to be ok but something tells me he's trying to say 'Told you so"...


Juliette said...

Oh poor Elliot! Glad the blog is back X

Anonymous said...

Don't worry to much, Ralph was dropped by clem when he was about 2/3 days old! Maybe thats why he is so crazy?

Neil x

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