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Photographic evidence

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Evidence that child safety has always been of utmost importance to me. Here I am with Elliot's Auntie Georgia testing out the safety features of a travel cot back in 1997. Babies are basically very small drunk people so I think we were testing it to safegaurd against babies escaping.

I was more than a little surprised to find this photo in the communal mail downstairs, amoungst the take away menus! Dominique posted it from Berlin to remind me what an excellent parent I'll be. Georgia and I now have 3 kids between us and thanks to our excellent research, none of them have escaped from a cot yet.

... Next time I see Georgia we'll continue with our research.
Thanks Dom!
Schoolies Week 1997, Georgia and I, 18 years old, guzzling bottles of Carlton Cold in a travel cot. Classy ladies.


Anonymous said...

So...why did we have a travel cot in our Schoolies apartment anyway? Did Amos sleep in it?
Your partner in crime, G

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