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Elliot goes 'oop nerf'

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Last weekend we went up to Sheffield to introduce Elliot to his rugged northern friends. The whole of last week we saw news reports 'Live from Sheffield' knee deep in snow so the trains were a bit of a nightmare. We had to sit on the floor between the carriages for most of the journey, we couldn't even get into the seated section to glare at people until they gave us a seat. At one point I had to change Elliot's nappy on the floor by the door. The most remarkable thing about that was that he'd pooed all the way up his back and down his legs but miraculously none of it was in his nappy... not a single bit! I still have no idea how he did it. Anyway, enough poo stories...

Sheffield looked amazing, like a christmas card and although the Bugaboo got completely bogged, the snow wasn't a problem at all. When we finally got Elliot out into the snow in his fancy new snow suit, he was mighty unimpressed so our dreams of a snow angel christmas card photo were dashed.

We were entertained by the antics of the adorable twins Albert and Eliza who tired us both out and left us in awe of Toby and Jemma. I have no idea how anyone manages with twins. The hour before bedtime was like a parental assault course with the toddlers repeating the following circuit;
Run across the room
Pick up object
Put in mouth
Make for the door
Fall over

The adults had a similar circuit:
Guard furniture edges
Stop toddlers colliding
Remove object from mouth
Distract toddler from door
Pick up toddler from floor

...and to think, Elliot will be doing all that in less than a year. Aaah!

Thanks Chris, Lucia, Vinnie, Dan, Cathy, Toby, Jemma, Albert and Eliza for a fabulous weekend!


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