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Now playing: Willie Nelson's Rainbow Connection

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We're currently listening to this album over and over again, thanks to Alex, Renae and little Frieda (another of Elliot's potential wives, she may stand to inherit a Canadian cottage. Watch this space!). I've been a big fan of Willie since his collaboraton with Julio Iglesias back in 1983 with a cover of Albert Hammond Snr's "To all the girls I've loved before" so I was thrilled to hear this Willie album for the first time. My favourite tracks would have to be "I am My Own Grandpa" and "Rock Me To Sleep" a pretty lullaby sung by Willie's daughter Amy. The chorus goes like this...

"'Cause tonight I'd like you to rock me to sleep
I'd like you to sing me a song
I'm tired of trying to figure things out
And I'm tired of being so strong"

It's quite apt for a tiny person. It must be nice to be rocked to sleep after a day of trying to understand everything around them.


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