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On the 4th day of christmas...

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We went for a swim! In winter! Here I was thinking I have another 6 months to come to terms with wearing a bikini in public, plus, everyone knows if you go outside with wet hair in winter you'll die of pneumonia so it took all the strength I had to go to a swimming lesson in December... but against all odds we came back alive.

With all this snow, fondue and Ikea, we've had a very Swedish week. So it's no surprise that the swimming teacher is a lovely Swede. She says things like, "And now we are going to do a gorgeous exercise with babies" You're doing a sing-song-Swedish accent in your head aren't you? I hope so.

I think Elliot likes it, he didn't cry and he seems very relaxed in the water... almost too relaxed. At times I wonder if he noticed he was in a swimming pool at all.


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