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Santa must be in cahoots with Superman

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Despite having had a few drinks and the distinct lack of a chimney at Nana and Grubby's house, Santa delivered Elliot's pressies. He got a Superman outfit which meant he got to play his favourite game all morning, flying with Daddy.

As this was Elliot and Will's first christmas, the amount of presents under the tree had doubled since last year. It took us three days to get to them all. It took even longer to get through all the food! Elliot has now caught up to Will in size even though he is half his age. Will is still the cleverer of the two though having mastered crawling and eating which meant everything had to be raised above grab height, including the tree!

Present highlights include: a jar of Fluff, a gun shaped fried egg fryer and a Wondercube which is a toy that was designed for babies after watching their delight in removing tissues from a tissue box. Ah, simple pleasures.


Anonymous said...

Jeez - all three of those kids are stunning! Well done Neish crew. Bravo.
(I'm totally not biased but Elliot wins the cute prize.)

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