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Beige Food Revisited

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What a day! We're spending the night back at St Tommie's. The little man has had a cold for the last few days but this morning he turned into Snot Monster Extreme with a fever and trouble breathing so we called our good friends at NHS Direct. They called an ambulance (which we though was a bit over the top but that shows what we know!) and we got to ride all the way here with the lights on and everything! It turns out he has bronchialitis  which is common for babies under one. It's basically a normal cold that goes down into their lungs and because they're so tiny they can't cough it out. Poor little monkey. After some oxygen and a snot vacuum thingy he's feeling better and we should be home tomorrow. He's been a real little trooper. I'll be sure to post a picture of the breakfast buffet tomorrow.

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