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It's not you, it's me

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You know what it's like. Each year you have a friend who comes to stay for christmas, they get all dressed up in christmas gear and look quite flash. By New Year's Day they've outstayed their welcome and start to smell funny so you tell them to shove off and you're pleased to get some floor space back in the loungeroom. But there's always that awkward feeling as you bump into them again on your street. You used to be friends, but it's over. And they just sit there like a loveable drunk, messing up the neighbourhood and you look down and keep on walking.

(Ok, so I know I said I would design or illustrate something each week and this is neither design nor illustration, but this week a certain little monster decided his bedtime was somewhere around midnight, so Me Time is at a minimum. Luckily little monsters fall asleep while being pushed around in prams so my creative offering this week was completed during these walks.)


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