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Women laughing alone with salad

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Sometimes I fantasise about going back to work. Wearing something fashionable, maybe some jangly jewellery because there's no danger of anyone choking on it, talking to adults about other adults like those guys who do that thing and have a new magazine about it and using words like engaging above-the-line forefront peer targetted useablity strategy (not necessarily in that order)....then I remember a good portion of my time would be taken up looking for images like this....

This is my new favourite blog and 'women laughing alone with salad' is up there with my favourite stock image searches. Others include women at home alone with mugs, multicultural colleagues with laptop and calm wet woman.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you Em, but I always look like this when I'm eating. A personal favourite image search of mine is 'smiling woman holding banana'. Love this post, love you x Liz

Jez said...

Have you seen the sequel?

Emma said...

Love it!

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