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We're in Australia! After two trains three planes, a taxi a car ride and a whole lot of secret plans we made it to Batemans Bay to surprise Granny. Dad went out to get some milk and came back an hour later with us. She couldn't believe her eyes when we walked in. (In typical Pam style she was about to call the police because it had taken Dad so long to go to the shops.) Then she can't stop hugging her lovely little man. The next day Uncle Pete, Mel and Dan came up from Melbourne so Elliot could collect the whole set.

The plane journey wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, there will be a whole other blog post about it later. But for now here's some family fun...

Playtime with Grandblods
One for the modelling portfolio

Dan experiences the joy of parenthood
Off to the seaside
Elliot was enthralled with his first trip to the beach
Cuddles with Auntie Mel


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