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11 months

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 New skills:
Standing on my own for up to 10 seconds!
Rarrr! (Like a lion)
Putting things back in holes (instead of just taking them out)
Drinking from a sippy cup
Eating small things like raisins
Favourite words:
Mama! This means 'mum' and 'cuddles' and 'get me out of here!'
Da! This means 'dad' and 'food' and 'hey look at me!'
Bye bye! This means 'bye bye' ... derr.

Favourite songs:
Uptown Top Rankin'
I like to do the "Uu!" bit when Mum and Dad sing it
Old Macdonald Had A Farm - I like to sing the "E i e i OOoo" bit

Favourite things:
Dangerous stuff like stairs and slippery dips. I love climbing.
I like to put my head down on soft things as if I'm going to sleep
Blowing raspberries on Mummy's arm
Blowing a raspberry when Daddy does a fart


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