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Doing The Monster Mash

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Yesterday was Elliot's first birthday party and it was perfect! 

For the last week we've been planning costumes, decorations, cakes and hardly had time to sleep but it all came together beautifully. The rain held off for a beautiful day in the park. Our military operation of getting the boy to sleep at the right time to be a happy monster for the party worked a treat and he was such an angel all day.

Some of the other babies dressed up in their best monster gear. Aurelia's zombie outfit was alarming and gorgeous all at the same time and Macy's pterodactyl outfit was an incredible feat. Especailly seeing as it was put together using a travel sewing kit!

I'll upload the recipe for the baby friendly carrot cupcakes and some instructions on how to make your own monster finger puppets and details of the monster cake!

Elliot's actual birthday is on Saturday so we're saving most of the presents for then. Happy Birthday my little monster!!


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