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Here we go again!

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Well here we are, over a year and a half since the last blog entry and we're about to do it all again with baby No.2!
My due date was yesterday and amongst some extreme nesting, a full time freelance job and toddler taming we've hardly had time to stop and dwell on the lovely lady inside my tummy. Now that most of that is done, I'll hopefully have time to keep you updated on all things Schneish over the next few months as 3 become 4.

Highlights may include:
Elliot's tips on how to be a big brother
Tom's tips on raising girls, including starting a shotgun collection to ward off potential suitors
Pantone references of snot (as it was such a hit last time)
And an insight into the mind of the chronically underslept.

Stay tuned Schneish fans!


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