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Aug 20 - Hello Possums!

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Today we went to my favourite place in all of London, Borough Market to try to coax the beast out with delicious foodstuffs. Not only did I find Sydney strength coffee with perfectly frothed milk, I also found a LAMINGTON! It reminded me of one of my favourite books as a kid Possum Magic. A Grandma possum puts a spell on her grandchild to make her invisible and protect her from the dangers of the bush but she forgets how to reverse the spell. They trapse around the country looking for a remedy until finally the baby possum eats a magic lamington and reappears. I think my mum will make an excellent Grandma Poss.

If only Yoshimi were a possum...

Tom's ready to become a grandad. He was drinking Bovril in his dressing gown and slippers at 11am this morning while telling politically incorrect jokes. He's also on a mission to force feed me spicy food for every meal. If I see one more curry I'm going to chuck it at his head.


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