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Aug 4

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Yoshimi seems to have really long legs, from my calculations from bum bump to foot bump they are about 28cm long... This is a good thing, hopefully we've got rid of the short genes and Yoshimi will be a famous basketball player, catwalk model or at the very least a shelf stacker who specialises in high shelves. It's good to have a specialty.

Jess has had a premenition of D-Day, she's hoping my typographic stubborness will come into play...
"Yoshimi looks ready to drop at any moment... though I'm going to bet this stubborn baby designer-to-be is going to hold out for 10.08.10 for the graphic clarity/symmetry of the date. Or 06.08.10 if a maths nerd-to-be... at 02.04am if we're going to get really specific with these bets."

Jess, I love your idea of typographic symmetry for Yoshimi's birthday. I'm going to seriously aim for those dates! Of course the names we've chosen are based entirely on their typographic aesthetic. But we're not telling what they are yet. We're still deciding just how comedic a middle name should be. There's a fine line between comedy and cruelty.


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