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Aug 3 - Welcome to The Drop Zone

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We've now only got 2 weeks to go until our due date so we're officially in The Drop Zone!!

I've been nesting like some sort of insane bird. Poor Tom is putting up with some crazy behaviour. I made him re-paint our bathroom on Saturday. Babies need freshly painted bathrooms! It's very important!! But usually by about 3 in the afternoon my nesting instinct gives way to lying on the couch eating Magnums instinct. I also have fully fledged baby brain so Tom has to keep reminding me to finish sentences. He calls me Bronty Brain because I have the reaction time of a brontosaurus.
I'm feeling pretty good, but very heavy, so far I've put on about 15kg, I feel like I'm carrying a giant bum bag with me wherever I go. The transition between lying down and standing up has become slapstick entertainment for Tom. I make some excellent noises and I've developed a new way of rolling out of bed that involves launching myself off the side and landing on all fours. Yoshimi is now almost fully engaged which is quite uncomfortable, kind of like having someone intermittently headbutt you on the pelvic floor. So my midwife thinks it could all happen right now ...or I could be waiting another 4 weeks max. I think it will be late, Tom thinks it will be early. We've actually got a £7 million bet riding on it (Tom already owes me £7 million from previous bets).

I'm hoping to get an epidural for the birth if it gets too hard, but they're pretty hard to get over here unless you're really distressed and they bribe you with a really nice room, ensuite bathroom and views of the Thames if you do it naturally. If you end up having an epidural they move you out of the birthing rooms straight afterwards and onto a ward with 4 other women and your partner has to go home at 9pm. So that's pretty crap but I'm just going to see what happens on the day. I'm actually not feeling too scared of it all, I'm too excited to meet this little person!


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