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I took this photo while strolling down the street with some of the NCT mums and our Bugaboos. A kid walked past and said "Hey they look like traffic lights". Indeed we do.

Welcome to Herne Hill - part of the South London Baby Belt which stretches from Nappy Valley, aka Northcote Rd in Clapham Junction, across to Brockwell Park in Herne Hill and over to Lordship Lane in East Dulwich. We live right in the middle of it. The Baby Belt vehicle of choice is the Bugaboo, it comes in three styles and a range of colours. You can even accessorise it with a latte holder if you think you don't look like enough of a middle class stereotype. (I have one on order...seriously, I do, how else can I update my blog from my iphone with one hand whilst pushing my pram with the other?).  Cute name for a high tech contraption. It shares it's name with a mountain range in Canada and mediocre Destiny's Child single so it's in good company. It's the parenting equivalent of wearing New Balance sneakers.

I might do a review of each style seeing as we have the full set.
Alex and Libby take to the streets.


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