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Dad skills: Daddy Sucks

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Well, I thought I'd seen it all but last night I witnessed my husband happily sucking the snot out of our little boy's face with his mouth. Yep, snot sucking.

Little people are too small to blow their little noses and they get very snuffly, especially when they lie down. Elliot has actually earned the nickname Snufflepig because of it. Lots of people use special snot sucker contraptions or 'nasal aspirators' if you want to get technical. From the websites I've seen, they claim to have been invented by the Swedish. I'd like to see how Ikea would design one, it would probably be called the BΓΌga and come in a range of primary colours.

Tom has a very high disgust threshold so he just did it the old fashioned way with some mouth to nose action. Elliot didn't know what to make of it but afterwards he slept soundly without a face full of snot so I'm sure there will be even more snot sucking in the future!


RebeccaL said...

oh my god, even without the sound on this was too much to watch.. i had to stop it after 11 seconds because i started gagging! wow Tom you are pretty disgusting, i love it!! Lucky Elliot! x

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