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Nananananananana Nananananananana Bat Baby!

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Happy Halloween folks! Last week I made Elliot's first ever Halloween costume which he wore to our NCT group reunion - more photos to follow. He looked stylish in all black with a batwing sleeve and sleek bonnet. It was super easy to make...

Black baby-gro from H&M (or dye one black, for best results use 100% cotton because synthetic fabrics don't take on dye. Also, the thread used on the stitching will probably stay the same colour, even if it's a 100% cotton suit because thread is generally synthetic so buy a plain, dark suit to start with if you can.)
Black leggings (from the baby girls section)
Some of old black adult leggings for the wing and cap fabric

Cut the old leggings into four triangles all the same size (save some fabric for the cap). One side of the triangle needs to be the length of the arm of the babygro, the next side needs to be the length of the body (from armpit to hip). The third side needs to be cut into little arcs to form the bat wing shape.

Take the triangles in pairs and sew them together around the sides but leave a small gap so you can turn it inside out (like making a cushion). Turn it inside out so the edges are neat and iron it into shape. Now sew the straight sides onto the corresponding parts of the suit along the arms and body.

For the cap: Take a baby beanie and place it on the remaining fabric to get the right size. Cut around it with a 1cm extra on all sides. Make 4 pieces like this, you should end up with a semi-circle style shape.

Take 2 pieces and sew around the edges 1cm from the edge leaving a small gap to turn it inside out (like making a cushion) then turn it inside out and iron. Take the other 2 pieces and cut an arc into the straight side along the bottom, but give it a peak in the middle of the forehead for a bat/devil hairline. Do the same with these pieces, sew around the edges, leaving a gap and turn it inside out and iron. Now sew the two pieces together and add some long thin strips to the sides to tie around the chin.

Voila! Now fly my pretty, fly!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Super easy? Lady, you underrate your crafty-ness. I'd say that outfit's bordering on baby couture. Elliot knows it, too, just look at that proud grin! Love your work xx Liz

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