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Recommended Halloween Reading

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Having a baby opens up a wonderful new world of literature, I've always loved kids' books and now I have a proper reason to buy them other than "it's a tax deduction, I'm a book designer!". Luckily Elliot is yet to understand the actual words and themes so I can read him things that include senseless violence and horror like this...

'Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story' by Andy Rash

Most of you know that I'm a big fan of zombies and you're never too young to learn the formula of a good zombie story... An unlikely hero, a series of near escapes, romance in a time of desperation and of course a good helping of brains. You'll get your fill of brAINSS! with this book which is based on the old nursery rhyme 'Ten Little Indians' with a delightful zombie twist. Each zombie is killed with ingenuity and flair, with the splattered illustrations adding to the drama. I'm a big fan, Elliot seemed to like it, the high contrast images with red splatters are perfect for new little eyes to focus on, and until he understands words like 'hand-grenade' I don't think it's too scary.

4 out of 5 brains
Thanks to Mike and Ruth for the book! Stay tuned for more book reviews in the future!


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