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Exhibitionism: Shadowcatchers: Camera-less Photography

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Shadowcatchers: Camera-less Photography
The V&A
Adults £5, Babies free

Adam Fuss
From the series 'My Ghost' 1997 (Christening Dress)
I went to this exhibition a few weeks ago and I particularly liked this image so I thought I'd share it. The exhibition shows works by artists who use photographic processes without cameras.

Making photograms is a staple of year 7 art classes. I remember messing about with lace and leaves to make fairly tragic pictures. We were all more focussed on squeeling as the lights went out in the darkroom and tripping each other over. This takes photograms to a new level though, here Adam Fuss has used a christening gown to make an amazingly delicate photogram. We have a family heirloom gown that I was christened in. This would be a beautiful way to display it without causing harm to the actual object. Now... I just need to find a giant enlarger, a dark room and a year 7 student.


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