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Exhibitionism No1: Saatchi Gallery

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Elliot joins in with Group Series No2 - Space Program, Jonathan Wateridge
Look! We did it, I stuck to one resolution so far. (I'll get that washing out of the machine after I finish writing this. ) We walked to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea to see some fancy art. The Saatchi Gallery features contemporary art by upcoming artists who wouldn't otherwise be shown to a mainstream audience. The work is generally quite accessible. It's very pram friendly with lift access and not too serious so when Elliot chucked a strop no one really cared.

At the moment the exhibit is Newspeak: British Art Now, which is basically a big jumble of contemporary installations and paintings over four floors. Elliot was a big fan of Mustafa Hulusi's paintings because of their hypnotic, high contrast graphics.

Exstacy Almond Blossom 8, Mustafa Hulusi
I was a big fan of Robert Fry's paintings. If was a painter, I'd love to paint like this...

Drawing Room Study 4, Robert Fry
The shop is also fantastic, I'm such a sucker for a gallery gift shop because I perv on lovely books and use my favourite impulse shopper line "It's a tax deduction!". Unfortunately Elliot had other plans and demanded we go home with a full scale tantrum the moment we set foot in there. So I didn't get a chance to buy this awesome bag...

Shopping bag inspired by 'Portrait of Mao' by Qui Jie £15


Anonymous said...

the cat bag is too cool, as is elliot's art crashing, and use of the john lewis clearance shopper is creative genius. Love FGM xxx

Jez said...

Intriguing, I grew up with Jonathan Wateridge in Zambia, good to hear he's seeing some limelight.

Emma said...

His paintings are amazing Jez. There are four big ones like the space one in the exhibition.

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