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Resolutions Shmesolutions

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Every year I make the same new year's resolutions which is testament to the fact that they never work. This year I'm going to do things differently. I'll still continue my quest to become more healthy, organised and hydrated and less extravagant, nocturnal and carnivorous, but I'm pretty sure my success rate will remain steady. For 2011 I'm going give myself three tasks each week and because I have a blog, you can all remind me when I slack off. The tasks will be the same every week and cover three categories...

1. Creativity
Design or illustrate something each week, no matter how small

2. Physical and mental fitness
Once a week take advantage of London's two best assets, free exhibitions and flat topography, by walking to a gallery or museum and fill your mind with cleverness instead of couching through a wasteland of reality television. This includes shows like Grand Designs and The Family which are just regular trashy reality TV dressed up in smug, middle-class, Channel 4 cardigans. Don't be fooled!

3. Organisation
Remember to blog things as they happen instead of waiting for a while and then blogging five posts at once.
...and in a subcategory to this task remember to take laundry out of the washing machine when it's finished instead of leaving it in there. Nobody likes a family that smells like a pond.

Wish me luck!


RebeccaL said...

Looking forward to enjoying your weekly artistic creations.
We're always up for walks and cultural activities too and will also be ready and raring to go when you get back on the bike! xxx

Libby-Lou said...

Those are excellent resolutions Emma! Can't wait to see what you create! xx

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